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Hari terakhir Mark Hughes

Biarpun Manc City menang 4-3 terhadap Sunderland malam Sabtu lalu namun sudah tertulis game tersebut adalah last wat Mark Hughes.Aku sebenar eh tokojut.Ikutkan rekod Manc City musim ni takla terlalu buruk.Kalah baru cuma 2 kali.Isykkk….sedihkan bila kena macam tue.Tambah2 bila nak krismas ni.Ke manalah agaknya Mark Hughes nak pegi pasni.So how about Benitez kat Liverpool ??

Ipswich boss Roy Keane has said that his former Manchester United team-mate Mark Hughes should not have gone to rivals Manchester City in the first place, due to his connections with Old Trafford.he former United captain also said he believes Hughes’ reputation remains in tact and hopes he returns to management a stronger person following a short break from the game.

“Hopefully he’s enjoying his break and he’ll come back because he’s a top manager,” he added. ”He did a great job at Blackburn and Wales. He’ll go on to be a top manager no doubt about that, but he’s probably better off out of City.”

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