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UCL : Arsenal 3 AC Milan 0(Menang tp tewas)

Yeargh.Layan kul 4pagi tadi nengok player2 ArseNal bertungkus lumus nak jaringkan gol.Terkono kek San Siro 4-0 so jadinya masa tadi tercari2 gol memaksakan diri utk menang d Emirates pula.Uniknya dua2 pakai shirt Fly Emirates….beza pada kaler ajelah….3 gol pd separuh ms pertama telah menakjubkan aku adakah ArseNal akan mara???gol pd sprg masa kedua tidak pula menjelma…..tapi aku X kesah….aku puas ati tengok komitmen yg diberikan oleh player2 the Gunners….mereka telah mencuba…namun jika tiada rejeki nak wat lagu guano….


Antara komen menarek dlm yahoo

Harry – arsenal fans had every right to be proud of their team last night they gave it everything and even as a kopite i was willing them to score again, but why did wenger have to spoil it all by whinging at the ref, hes not going to change any decisions after the final whistle.

Muthu – Arsenal played well to make us proud. Even the chances­ is less, we still want arsenal win against Milan. It is­ fantastic to see arsenal scored 3 goal by halftime. Ox­ and walcott injury effect the team play for the last 30­ min . Gervinho game still not up. Same like Chakmah,­ not same as when he arrived when we want him more, If­ he played like this than miyochi will take over his­ place. Miyochi is the best player for Bolton for the­ past 2 games they played. Hope the great run since­ Spurs will be till end of the season. well done­ arsenal.

Abbiati thankful for “lucky” save

AC Milan goalkeeper Christian Abbiati admitted he was lucky to deny Arsenal striker Robin van Persie the goal which would have tied the sides’ Champions League last-16 clash.

Milan went through 4-3 on aggregate after the Gunners won the second leg 3-0 with goals from Laurent Koscielny and Tomas Rosicky and a Van Persie penalty.

The Dutchman was denied a crucial second goal, which would have levelled the tie on aggregate, when he tried to chip Abbiati from close range. The keeper, who was on the ground, stuck out a hand to keep his effort out, and later explained: “My save? I just raised my arm and I was lucky Van Persie tried to chip it.”

He added: “It’s extremely important that we got through to the next round. It was a two-faced round this one. The first was an extraordinary game and then here we almost gifted them the first half.

“They’re good games to be involved in against teams that are used to playing at this level. Maybe in the first half we tried to hold into to possession more than we should have. Then in the second half we were a different team and they were tired. We held onto the ball well and tried to score as well.

“This shows that two legged games are never over until the whistle goes. We should have ended the first game, not 4-0 but five or six.”

Wenger proud of brave Gunners

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger felt his team restored their pride by beating AC Milan 3-0 at the Emirates Stadium as the Gunners bowed out of the Champions League.

Trailing 4-0 from what Wenger had labelled a “shocking performance” at the San Siro three weeks ago, it was always going to take something special to turn the tie around and progress to the quarter-finals.

Wenger said: “We restored a good performance tonight and we are disappointed because we touched qualification. We had the chances and we didn’t do it, but we were very close.”

He added: “I felt that we suffered a bit in the second half physically because we gave a lot at Liverpool.

“When we tired in midfield we had no options on the bench and the regret I have is there.

“The players put in a faultless performance, with fantastic spirit and you can only congratulate the whole team.”

-Petikan YahooEurosport


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