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Avatar kat Blogger aku

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Lama aku pakey objek/imej/karektor kartun mata 1 nih…


So,waktu ini waktu ini 31/07/2014 (4 Syawal 1435H) maka berakhirnya kepenggunaannya.TK.

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Sebelum ada Airis

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Sebelum ada Airis…aku pernah buat satu pageblog dlm ni bertajuk ‘Qaseh Tercipta’.Dedikasi untuk anak Ina lah tu.Anak adik ipar aku yg dok kat Rawang tuh.So fikir-fikir rasanya nak tutuplah page tersebut…baek ganti ngan gambor2 anak aku ke ape ke….hihihi….itupun tengok tahap kerajinanla 🙂

Melihat kepada data…last diedit adalah pada 10 Februari tahun 2009 jam 11:47pm.

5 tahun sudah berlalu.Dan satu2nya benda yg aku tepek adalah gambar ini :-

Dan caption yg aku taip masa tu : “Gambo ni aku tepek kat dalam fotopages ….so,kalo sesapa sudi nak jenguk…mai aaa tengok. Qaseh adalah anak adik ipar aku…:) ”

Gitulah adenye.Stk.

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Inside Story – Why is the world ignoring Myanmar’s Rohingya?

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youtube=Inside Story – Why is the world ignoring Myanmar’s Rohingya?

Sumber : Al-Jazeera

Anonymous – Operation Rohingya: Ethnic cleansing yet no news ...

Published on Jul 23, 2012

They have been persecuted and discriminated against for decades but few can even pronounce their name let alone know their plight. The UN describes them as one of the most persecuted minorities, yet the suffering of Myanmar’s Rohingya population increases. So are the world’s democracies ignoring their plight? Guests: Justin Wintle, Brad Adams, Mohamed Nour, Dina Madani.

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Tangisan Rohingya

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Published on Jul 24, 2014

Ikuti laporan khas umat Islam Rohingya di Myanmar yang terus menjadi mangsa kekejaman sejak puluhan tahun lalu.

Wartawan:Raziatul Hanum Rajak
Suntingan:Wan Shahril

Sumber : Sinar Harian

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5 Tricks You Never Though Of For Better photos

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With the easy availability of good quality digital cameras, it has become very easy to take great photos and with a little of recent novelties, we have selfie cameras and action cameras altogether. However, many people almost always miss these simple tricks to taking great photos, especially those of people. Try these 5 simple tricks and you can dramatically improve the quality of the pictures you take. Here are some of the tips:

Step 1 : Hold Camera Vertically

Common sense? Yes it is! But most people have the tendency to hold their camera in a horizontal position which normally just ends up with boring old horizontal photos. Holding it vertically is how you are supposed to, but only while taking landscape pictures that you hold your camera horizontally. However, at times you will find some landscape shots look a whole lot better taken vertically! When you are capturing pictures of people, you need to turn your camera around so that your image can come in a portrait format and your subject can fit in the frame. However, you may use the landscape alignment when you need to capture the picture of a group of people.

Photos taken vertically vs horizontallyComparing Vertical Photos and Horizontal Photos. Which do you think works to your taste?

Step 2 : Get Closer !
If there is only a single subject, try to get as close as possible because you would want him/her to fill the frame. However, you must keep a distance of at least two meters from the subject. The Samsung NX Mini already got this covered since it is designed for close proximity shooting with their 9mm lens that will let you take almost everything you need at an arm’s length. Remember how they say an amazing photo tells a story? Yeah, with closer look of your subject will definitely make their facial expressions and emotions more prominent and definitely turn your photos into a story worth telling!

Photo taken close upPhoto taken close up

Photo taken slightly furtherPhoto taken slightly further away

Step 3 : Find A Plain Background.
You would take a much better picture if there is nothing in the background that can potentially distract your eye. While taking the pictures, try to have a plain background and focus completely on the subject. You can make use of the zoom feature in your camera to throw the background out of focus. In photography, these types of photos are called “isolates” and it is something worth trying out some time.

Photo taken with simple and plain backgrounds
Photo taken with simple and plain backgrounds, amazing isn’t it?

Step 4 : Watch Where The Sun Is
Watch where the sun is: Although the sun will light up your picture, you have to be very careful about how you position your camera because shadows can ruin the image. Try to find a shady place to take the snap such that the subjects as well as the background are not under direct sunlight. Thinking of taking photos filled with emotions? Try using the sun light during the evenings or early mornings, where it is still soft, your photos will definitely stand out and you will surely get lots of “Likes” on Facebook and Instagram.

Portrait photo taken in the golden hours
Portrait photo taken in the golden hours, look at how her emotions can be expressed so well here.

Another portrait photo taken in the golden hours
Another portrait photo taken in the golden hours, emotions can’t seem to hide themselves from the golden sun.

Step 5 : Below The Eye Line
This is something that you will gain expertise in over time, but make a conscious effort to position your camera this way initially. This is for the purpose of making your subjects look taller and make your photos have the large coverage feel giving a hint of sophistication

Photo taken from slightly below eye sight
Photo taken from slightly below eye sight, see the difference now?

With all these amazing tips, we bet you will be able to start taking jaw dropping photos simply with simple tricks that you don’t need further investments to get. You can print your photos online also with us if you would like to see your photos come to live.

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